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Sunday, April 24, 2011

sayang DIA cinta DIA :)


  1. I Luv U 2 BABYYY....Ur my evrythng..... Syang, Im so glad tht I got 2 know U.... syukur sgt2, bcause I know tht U Luv me sooooooooooosooooooooooo muchhhh... thts why I want 2 Luv U even more3(nk menang)....:)..... syg taw tk?? klau taw pon nk bgi taw gak,hehee... hope 2 spend my life wit U Syangg... Just knowing the fact that I will get to spend the rest of my life with you fills me with so much joy that I want to cry(tpi macho, so tk leh tnjuk laa)... one more thing, dlu2 tyme gayut ngn syg 3-4 lima jam(fuhh lama gilaaa) dpt dngaq suara syg jew HAPPY!!! wlaupun tlinga dh saket tyme 2 dn tk larat nk pgg hnphne...hehee...pas 2 tringt kt syg jew snyum sorng2, sbjik mcm org gilaa... tpi skrg nie jmpe Syg jew dh trus gilaa mcm Syang(sbb sy cpt terpengaruh)...hahaa..Syang taw tk sy nk curahkn spenuh ksh syg kt Syang(tk tipuu,mcm kne curah ngn ayaq hri 2,siap baling botoi kt org lg!!) hahaaa... U complete me babyy n we complete each other, tk ckup sorg tk jdi kegilaan yg melampau 2..tq my soulmate 4 being by my side through the hard tymes n during the joys.. :))...You mean the world to me Syang,Luv U sooo much....I never want to lose you... :)


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