Saturday, June 25, 2011

special 4 my LOVE one.. happy bday sayang..

p/s : xmau nakal2 ~ xsesuai...dah tua kan... hihi


  1. TQ baby.... sayang baby sgt2... Tq 4 the cake, tq 4 the surprise... slamat sy tk ketaq lutut.. ;)...tq 4 evrythg... Love U my sweetheart.. I wish tht our love will always stay strong n even stronger in the future... tq 4 being by my side all this while... muahhh.. :)

  2. most welcome sayang :) tqsm coz u always by my side when im felt down ~ insyaAllah, our relationship will be strong and full of the happiness till the hereafter :)

  3. InsyaAllah... Aminn.. :)


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